Winter Fest

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Tomorrow would be Winter Feast and for the first time, Rosabella wasn't looking forward to it. It would be the first of many holidays without her parents.  Even though there was a cloud of sadness hanging over her she put on her old overalls and opened the decoration bin.  This was her favorite holiday and her parents would want her to continue her love for it.

She loved it because it was a time for the family to be together and just be happy they have one another in each other's lives. She didn't even mind not getting presents it was the spirit of giving that she loved the most. It just felt like the world was a nicer place at least for one day. She thought her neighbor could use a good dose of the holiday spirit. She bashed the thought of him from her mind. She would never step foot back on that man's property.


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After the tree was decorated she stood back and thought about how mom and dad would love this tree. Her favorite color was blue so every year they would hang blue and white decorations.  At least she wouldn't be alone she would have her furry friends. She placed the present under the tree for her animals and headed outside to finish decorating.

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After she was finished she stood back and admired her work. She was starting to get into the holiday spirit. The house was beautiful with all its twinkling lights. She felt accomplished and wanted to rub it in her neighbors face.  See I may be a city girl but I know how to use a ladder and nails. She kept trying to get him off her mind but she really just wanted to go give him a piece of her mind. As much as she wanted to she would not sink to his level. She took one last look at her decorations and headed inside to get some rest.

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The next morning she helped her furry friends open their gifts and spent most of the day watching them play with their gifts. Snuffles loved her new cat wand. If Rosabella stopped for a second she started to meow and paw at her to play with her. After a day of playing she made a mental note to head to the store in town to see if they sell any kind of seeds for her garden. Spring would be here soon and she wanted to make sure she was ready.

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