New Friends

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Alexandra woke up still feeling pretty miserable about last nights encounter with her ex. She just couldn't believe that after being with him for so long she never really knew him.  Though her stomach was in knots she forced herself to eat a little bit of cereal before heading to work.  She need to eat for the baby. After work she headed straight to school.

The days turned in to weeks and then months. Soon she was in her second trimester. Between work and school she had little time to make friends. Though it wasn't like anyone at school wanted to be her friend. They are avoided her like she was cursed. She could hear them point and whisper as she walked down the school halls. She just ignored them and kept her head down. Her main goal was finishing school and taking care of the child she was carrying.

She barely even knew her neighbors. If they spoke to her she just said hello and walked away quickly. It was bad enough with the kids at school she didn't need to have her neighbors scowl at her or point. That changed one evening when she was just finishing up her school work and was about to have a bite to eat. She heard a knock at her door. At first she thought she was imagining things then she heard it again. She slowly made her way to the door and looked through her peephole. There stood her neighbors one holding a delicious looking fruit cake. Then came a voice a female voice.

"Alexandra we know your home we don't want to intrude but we wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. We promise we don't bite." They were just about to leave when she decided to give them a chance and slowly opened the door. To her surprise no one scowled or pointed at her belly. She was met with warm smiling faces and the fruit cake smelled wonderful.


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She invited them in and Introduced her self. The lady that spoke through the door was Jesminder Bheeda accompanied by her husband Arun. There was also Geeta and Raj Rasoya. Raj and Geeta couldn't stay long but told her if she needed anything to just knock on their door. Alexandra couldn't help notice that Jesminder was also pregnant. The couple and her sat at her little table and talk for hours.

Alexandra told them her situation and they just listened. No scowling or yelling they supported her decision and told her that if she need a friend she could always call on them. Jesminder was due any day now and couldn't wait. She was so excited and bubbly about Alex couldn't help but smile. She hoped she was that excited when it came time to have her little one.

Around midnight Jesminder and Arun said their goodbyes and told her not to be a stranger. Alex curled up in bed that night with a genuine smile on her face. As she drifted off to sleep she kept thinking how glad she was she opened that door.