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It was the third time this week Alex has passed out. She knew she was over doing it but it couldn't be help. Between school, work homework and taking care of herself she was exhausted. On top of that it didn't help that Raj and Geeta loved to party and she was constantly being woke up.

She was barely on speaking terms with  them since the last party. She had finally lost her temper and yelled at them. They turned down the music but not before throwing a bunch of insults at her. Not that she hadn't already heard them before at school or customers at her job. Alex woke up a bout an hour later and curled up in bed exhausted hoping there would be no party tonight to wake her up.

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The next morning in her kitchen  she awoke to find her pipes leaking and the electrical panel sparking. She rang her landlord who told her it wasn't a serious problem.

At that point she was finally so overwhelmed she burst into tears. She was in her third trimester and her hormones were playing havoc on her.  She tried to stop the tears from Flowing but she couldn't then finally she gave up and just let it all out. She sunk to the floor and just cried. It felt so good to let it all out.

She felt like such a failure her grades were slipping, her performance was going down hill and her boss loved to let her know it too.  Besides the baby the only good thing going for her was her friend  Jesminder. Though with her having a little one of her own to handle it was hard to find time to hang out.

Though at this point she needed a friend and since it was the weekend she was hoping that Jesminder could come had visit. She always put her in a better mood. So she grabbed her phone and type "SOS please come over".  Not even a minute later she received a response "On my way leave the door unlocked".

Alex pulled herself up from the floor and decided to at least shower and get dressed before she arrived. In the bathroom she stood looking in the mirror at her tear streaked face and red puffy eyes thinking to herself it's going to get worse before it gets better. She tore herself away from the mirror and hopped in the shower.