Settling In

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As Rosabella planted her garden she still couldn't believe she was actually here. That she had made her dream finally come true. To live a simple life and live off what she grew. Ever since she was a young child she loved learning about plants and always wanted to have a garden of her own. Though in the big city the closest she got was a flower box outside her bedroom window.

Her parents were both teachers and she lived a simple life in the city in a tiny two bedroom apartment. Her house seems huge compared to the place she grew up in. Her parents had always encoraged her to move and start her dream but she couldn't bare to leave them behind. They were her whole world but when they passed she had nothing left to keep her in the city.

Her parents kept a secret from her a savings account in her name with enough to make her dream come true. Along with a touching letter that she would keep forever.


That letter still brings tears to her eyes. Her parents had given her the greatest gift she could ever ask for. They may not be here anymore but she was going to make them proud and make her dream a reality.  After Rosabella finished planting and watering she went back inside for a salad for dinner and to relax with her two favorite companies Beast and Snuffles.

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As she fell asleep she kept thinking of her parents and the amazing gift she was given. Her first day in Brindleton Bay was wonderful, but in morning light a certain furry friend would be missing and her happiness would be overshadowed by worry and fear.

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