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She is a city girl that left the city behind to find some peace and quiet.  She lived in San Myshuno her whole life but once her parents left she had no ties left to the City. She has always kept to herself so she packed up what she owned and moved. Nestled in a home hidden away from people she hopes to live a quiet life.

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Jaxson is Rosabella's next door neighbor and saying he isn't too pleased about having a neighbor is an understatement.  He moved out here to get away from people and live his life and wishes he had bought the plot of land next to him when he had the chance. The last thing he wants is a little stuck up city girl for a neighbor.

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The Delgato Family has lived their whole lives here. Justin and Supriya are high school sweethearts who have son Pierce and a daughter Evie.  Along with their dog Blue and cat Bartholomew A. Bittlebun Sr.  They are the proud owners of Odds and Ends a store that sells everything but the kitchen sink.

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Meet Bubblegum and her daughter Melissa. Yes, that is her real name her mother was eccentric and so is she. She is an artist and a free spirit.  She is a go with the flow while her daughter is a little more level-headed.

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Catarina is the town's crazy cat lady. Every town needs one and she is it. She loves her feline friends more than people. She is a little out there but who isn't.

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Brent and Brant have just settled down here after tying the knot. They live with their adorable dog Rosie. Though they are fairly new to the town they love how peaceful it is and can't wait to start a family.