Lost Pet

08-23-18_4-09-36 PM

When Rosabella finally rolled out of bed she found she was missing one of her furry friends. She searched high and low inside and outside but she could not find snuffles.  Shaking her head she reminds herself to close the bedroom window from now on.

Snuffles has always been an indoor cat so when she realized she was gone dread filled her. She put Beast on a leash and headed out to look for her.

As she searched she passed the house next to hers and saw her neighbor staring out the window. She gave a little wave and he closed the curtains. Shrugging her shoulders she thought "Guess he doesn't like strangers just as much as me." She made a mental note to bring him some sugar cookies the next day. Her mom always said it was impolite to not introduce yourself to your neighbors.

She continued to search the surrounding area but with it getting close to supper time and beast all tuckered out from the walking she called it quits and headed for home. Keeping her fingers crossed her Snuffles came home.

08-23-18_4-14-05 PM

Snuffles finally returned home dirty and stinky but safe. Rosabella was so happy to have her little furry friend home. She picked her up and gave her cuddles while scolding her to never do that again. Snuffles just looked at her with a look of innocence.  After all the excitement Rosabella decided to call it an early night and headed for bed and this time she shut that dang bedroom window.

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