Living the Dream

11-16-18_7-38-08 PM

Can you believe it I got signed up with a Talent Agency right away.  I know its not the best agency out there but at least it is a start. Plus they landed me my first audition I am beyond nervous for it. This has been my dream my whole life and now that I finally get to live it I am scared out of my wits. Luckily while I was freaking out in my house I got a visit from a neighbor who had some pretty amazing advice to give me.

11-16-18_7-41-42 PM

Vanessa Jeong was at my doorstep and my neighbor I was in shock. I know she is a new comer like me but I love her commercials and t.v. roles so much. If you couldn't guess I am a big fan. Vanessa was awesome to hang out with plus she told me the best thing to do before an audition is to relax. If your nerves are shot you won't preform well. She was right and I knew it. So we chilled for a little  while and after she left I took her advice and took a nice long hot bath.

11-16-18_8-00-21 PM

While relaxing in the tub I just thought about all that I have accomplished so far to get closer to my dream. I moved here with my own hard earned money, I landed my first audition . Now all I need to do is land it, I figure after my bath  I can run lines to help better prepare myself before tomorrow.

11-16-18_8-04-58 PM

OMG I did it I passed the audition. I can't believe I landed my first t.v. commercial. I am so excited though I have determined my talent agency is a bit shady. They seriously have to bribe the director to get their actors a role. Well at least not me, I got it all on my own with my own skills. Once I start moving up in the acting career I need a new agency. I don't want to be with one too long that has shady business practices. It would ruin my good reputation.  I can't wait to show you all what the studio looks like when I go to my gig.

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