Haunted Past

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Rosabella headed over to Bubblegum's place planning to introduce herself and see what she could find out about her neighbor. Bubblegum already knew who she was and why she was here. She invited her inside and made her some coffee. Bubblegum is an artist and her house was filled with color. Rosabella loved it. She was free-spirited and out there a little but that is what made Rosabella instantly like her. She made some coffee for her and told her to get comfortable because this was a long story.

Bubblegum sighed and shook her head" Look before I tell you about Jaxson you must know this story stays between us. He moved here to get away and not be bothered. I'm only telling you because he wants your land. That way you have some basic knowledge of him if he tries to get you to leave."

"No worries, this stays between us and the walls of your home," Rosabella said smiling.

Bubblegum smiled back knowing she would keep her word and started telling the story of how Jaxson wound up with a stick up his ass. " When we were in high school he was kind and would be friends with anyone. He played sports had a loving home and was just a typical teen.  Then one night of fun changed everything. It was the summer after he graduated high school. His friends and he decided to throw one last party before they all went off to college.  It was a hell of a party let me tell you. His parent's place was big enough to house half the graduating class so no one had to drive.  Jaxson had gone off to look for his girl and playing a round of beer pong. He found her but she was half-naked on top of another guy. Jaxson didn't freak out or beat the dude up. It was like a calm took over him. He told them to go fuck themselves and that he and the girl were done. Then he calmly walked away as she was chasing after him. She was begging for a second chance but he was having none of it. Since she couldn't get him to give in she stormed off looking for a way home. She didn't bring her car and she wanted to be as far away as possible.  She convinced his best friend to take her home even though he shouldn't have. Jaxson was in the basement pounding them back and didn't hear the car leave. His best friend wrapped his car around a tree that night. He would find out he lost his best friend and ex-girl all in one night.   He blames himself dropped out of college before he even started, packed up and moved here. He had a trust fund to pay the bills till he found work. No one blames him but he blames himself. He has shut his parents out, other friends and hell he won't even acknowledge that he knows me.  He wants to be alone and sit and misery over something he blames himself for.  He has made it clear he intends to live alone till he dies. You moving next door makes him angry and at this point, I don't know who he is or what he is capable of."

Rosabella didn't say a word just sat back in shock. No one should have to live with the guilt of something they didn't do but she knew she couldn't help Jaxson even if she wanted to. She needed to keep her guard up and make sure to stay away from him. Bubblegum broke the slience" Hey how about you stay for dinner." It wasn't really a question more like you are staying for dinner.

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Rosabella had a great time at dinner and met Bubblegum's daughter Melissa. Unlike her mother, Bubblegum didn't want her daughter to go through school being picked on by her name. Apparently, her mom had been more out there Bubblegum and the reason behind her name was that her mom's favorite thing was bubblegum.

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Rosabella had barely walked through the door to her house when Cat called inviting her to a nightclub. She needed a night out to clear her head about the Jaxson story so she gladly said yes and invited Bubblegum along. Things were looking up in her life she had made two new friends and for once she didn't feel so alone in the world.

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