Drifter 1-1

Blank 4 x 6 in (1)
Blank 6 x 9 in (2)

Rachel read the letter over and over again. Though she just skimmed the rules. She couldn't believe she had been chosen over the other applicants. So many were trying to be picked for this project. Who wouldn't want to move to a deserted area and help build considering how cramped the other towns were. Currently she was sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with 8 people. The government had set it up that if you were single you would be placed in a home with others. If you got married you would share a home with just another couple.

Times were tough couples could only have one child and that was it. Our population was so out of control the government decided it was time to expand. They found two areas that were not developed and named them Willow Creek and Oasis Springs.  Some of her roommates were upset because she was picked and not them but she did not care. She would be free of this cramped apartment soon enough. She barely slept a wink but was on time to meet the car the committee had sent to take her to Oasis Springs.


04-29-19_9-40-53 PM (2)

When they arrived she stepped out of the car and looked around there was nothing. She turned to ask the driver if he had dropped her off in the right spot but he had already left. She pulled out the Rules and Restrictions and read them carefully.

She let out a scream of frustration after reading them realizing this was not going to be no walk in the park.  She was going to have to get her hands dirty and work hard to accomplish these tasks. She sat on a bench nearby and thought about her options.

She decided that she would garden, fish, and collect to earn money. She had no desire to go back to the other towns to work. She wanted to be free from the busy, noisy, overcrowded places. She just hoped when it came time that her first born would be willing to start part 2. She didn't know what would happen if they refused. Feeling exhausted after realizing what she would have to do Rachel decided to curl up on the bench and take a short nap.

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