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It was the third time this week Alex has passed out. She knew she was over doing it but it couldn't be help. Between school, work homework and taking care of herself she was exhausted. On top of that it didn't help that Raj and Geeta loved to party and she was constantly being woke up.

She was barely on speaking terms with  them since the last party. She had finally lost her temper and yelled at them. They turned down the music but not before throwing a bunch of insults at her. Not that she hadn't already heard them before at school or customers at her job. Alex woke up a bout an hour later and curled up in bed exhausted hoping there would be no party tonight to wake her up.

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The next morning in her kitchen  she awoke to find her pipes leaking and the electrical panel sparking. She rang her landlord who told her it wasn't a serious problem.

At that point she was finally so overwhelmed she burst into tears. She was in her third trimester and her hormones were playing havoc on her.  She tried to stop the tears from Flowing but she couldn't then finally she gave up and just let it all out. She sunk to the floor and just cried. It felt so good to let it all out.

She felt like such a failure her grades were slipping, her performance was going down hill and her boss loved to let her know it too.  Besides the baby the only good thing going for her was her friend  Jesminder. Though with her having a little one of her own to handle it was hard to find time to hang out.

Though at this point she needed a friend and since it was the weekend she was hoping that Jesminder could come had visit. She always put her in a better mood. So she grabbed her phone and type "SOS please come over".  Not even a minute later she received a response "On my way leave the door unlocked".

Alex pulled herself up from the floor and decided to at least shower and get dressed before she arrived. In the bathroom she stood looking in the mirror at her tear streaked face and red puffy eyes thinking to herself it's going to get worse before it gets better. She tore herself away from the mirror and hopped in the shower.

Drifter 1-1

Blank 4 x 6 in (1)
Blank 6 x 9 in (2)

Rachel read the letter over and over again. Though she just skimmed the rules. She couldn't believe she had been chosen over the other applicants. So many were trying to be picked for this project. Who wouldn't want to move to a deserted area and help build considering how cramped the other towns were. Currently she was sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with 8 people. The government had set it up that if you were single you would be placed in a home with others. If you got married you would share a home with just another couple.

Times were tough couples could only have one child and that was it. Our population was so out of control the government decided it was time to expand. They found two areas that were not developed and named them Willow Creek and Oasis Springs.  Some of her roommates were upset because she was picked and not them but she did not care. She would be free of this cramped apartment soon enough. She barely slept a wink but was on time to meet the car the committee had sent to take her to Oasis Springs.


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When they arrived she stepped out of the car and looked around there was nothing. She turned to ask the driver if he had dropped her off in the right spot but he had already left. She pulled out the Rules and Restrictions and read them carefully.

She let out a scream of frustration after reading them realizing this was not going to be no walk in the park.  She was going to have to get her hands dirty and work hard to accomplish these tasks. She sat on a bench nearby and thought about her options.

She decided that she would garden, fish, and collect to earn money. She had no desire to go back to the other towns to work. She wanted to be free from the busy, noisy, overcrowded places. She just hoped when it came time that her first born would be willing to start part 2. She didn't know what would happen if they refused. Feeling exhausted after realizing what she would have to do Rachel decided to curl up on the bench and take a short nap.

New Friends

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Alexandra woke up still feeling pretty miserable about last nights encounter with her ex. She just couldn't believe that after being with him for so long she never really knew him.  Though her stomach was in knots she forced herself to eat a little bit of cereal before heading to work.  She need to eat for the baby. After work she headed straight to school.

The days turned in to weeks and then months. Soon she was in her second trimester. Between work and school she had little time to make friends. Though it wasn't like anyone at school wanted to be her friend. They are avoided her like she was cursed. She could hear them point and whisper as she walked down the school halls. She just ignored them and kept her head down. Her main goal was finishing school and taking care of the child she was carrying.

She barely even knew her neighbors. If they spoke to her she just said hello and walked away quickly. It was bad enough with the kids at school she didn't need to have her neighbors scowl at her or point. That changed one evening when she was just finishing up her school work and was about to have a bite to eat. She heard a knock at her door. At first she thought she was imagining things then she heard it again. She slowly made her way to the door and looked through her peephole. There stood her neighbors one holding a delicious looking fruit cake. Then came a voice a female voice.

"Alexandra we know your home we don't want to intrude but we wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. We promise we don't bite." They were just about to leave when she decided to give them a chance and slowly opened the door. To her surprise no one scowled or pointed at her belly. She was met with warm smiling faces and the fruit cake smelled wonderful.


04-15-19_10-33-36 AM

She invited them in and Introduced her self. The lady that spoke through the door was Jesminder Bheeda accompanied by her husband Arun. There was also Geeta and Raj Rasoya. Raj and Geeta couldn't stay long but told her if she needed anything to just knock on their door. Alexandra couldn't help notice that Jesminder was also pregnant. The couple and her sat at her little table and talk for hours.

Alexandra told them her situation and they just listened. No scowling or yelling they supported her decision and told her that if she need a friend she could always call on them. Jesminder was due any day now and couldn't wait. She was so excited and bubbly about Alex couldn't help but smile. She hoped she was that excited when it came time to have her little one.

Around midnight Jesminder and Arun said their goodbyes and told her not to be a stranger. Alex curled up in bed that night with a genuine smile on her face. As she drifted off to sleep she kept thinking how glad she was she opened that door.

Boy Bye!!

04-13-19_7-24-12 PM

Alexandra made her way to the humor and hijinks festival in town. She barely made it to the entrance before she came face to face with someone she hoped to never see again.

"I have been looking all over this awful city trying to find you!" Wolfgang shouted as he scowled at her. Alexandra opened her mouth to speak but he cut her off.

"You had no right to pack up and leave. Do you have any idea how much this child can mess up my future. My parents are threatening to disown me. This is our baby and I have a right to have a say in if we keep it our not. I don't want it and I don't care if you do. It needs to disappear. That way you can come back to Willow Creek and we can have our old life back. "

Alexandra had heard enough and held up her hand. Wolfgang paused waiting to hear what she had to say.

04-13-19_7-25-11 PM

"How dare you come at me like that. You made it clear you didn't want this child but I do. I left Willow Creek to raise our son or daughter on my own. I don't need shit from you.  You are the father of this child but you have no right to tell me what to do with my body. I am the one that has to carry this baby for 9 months not you. I don't care what your parents think or if you lose your trust fund you spoiled brat. I don't want my old life back and I don't want you back. You showed me exactly the kind of person you are when you up and abandon me when I told you I was pregnant. I am having this child and I don't want you involved at all. I don't need your help I can do this all by myself. I've been taking care of myself since I was 16." All the pent up rage, anger, and sadness she had been feeling these past few weeks she unleashed on him and it felt amazing.

Wolfgang was speechless for a moment and then uttered only two more sentences before he walked away. "Fine we are through but I won't be paying child support. Also do not even think of giving that mistake my last name."

Alexandra headed back to her apartment not in the mood for the festival anymore. She curled up in bed rubbing her belly whispering to her child you are not a mistake as she drifted off to sleep.


A Fresh Start

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Alexandra looked around her new apartment with a forced smile on her face. A fresh start is what she needed but she had her doubts on if she could make it on her own. Willow Creek was the only home she ever new. Now she was in a new city, new school and all on her own. Her friends disowned her and her boyfriend left her after she refused to give up the baby growing inside her.

Her eyes started to become wet from holding back the tears. She didn't know if she could make this home or raise a baby but she was determined to try. Luck was at least on her side she managed to snag a job as a barista at a coffee shop across the street from her apartment and enrolled herself in school all in the first day of moving. She knew it was going to be rough but she would get the hang of it.  One day at a time she kept whispering to herself.  As she headed out the door to go explore her new home.