A Friendly Warning

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Rosabella made her way to the store Odds & Ends to see what they sold. She kept her fingers crossed but she was more annoyed than anything by the time she left. She was greeted by an employee who knew nothing as was quite rude. "Can't anyone be nice in this town?" she thought to herself as she walked around the store only to come up empty-handed.  She decided she needed a drink and headed to the saloon down by the docks.

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After her third Jack and Coke, she was feeling quite relaxed.  A light buzz going on she figured this was her last she didn't need to be wandering around drunk.  She had always had a high tolerance for liquor and she was thankful for that. She finished off her glass and headed outside only to meet a strange lady on the street.

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As she started heading home she was stopped by a lady on the street.

"Hey, you must be the new girl in town that pissed off Jaxson." She said with a smile.

Roseabella stared at her in a nervous way and said" Hey, I'm just trying to head home I don't want to fight. If I pissed him off that's his problem. All I did was bring him cookies"

"Relax, I'm not here to fight just introduce myself. My name is Catrina but everyone calls me Cat. I live down by the docks with my cats. I'm the crazy cat lady of this town. Well, I'm not crazy I just prefer cats over people. " Cat said smiling and extending her hand.

Rosabella shook her hand and said" Nice to meet you. I'm Rosabella I just moved her next to the guy who has a stick up his ass." Cat busted out laughing and soon Rosabella joined in.

"Yes he does have a stick up there but no one knows why. He keeps to himself but I wanted to warn you. He had his eye on that land for a while. He wanted it so no one would move there but you beat him to it. So be careful. No one here trusts him and he has been in a few fights with others around time. You seem like a nice girl I  don't want you getting hurt.  Here's my number hit me up if you want to ever hang out. Also if you want to know more about your neighbor visit Bubblegum she and he went to high school. I'll let her know you will be stopping by." Cat said with a grin. Rosabella thanked her and headed home.

She was taken aback by her warning but considering how he greeted her it might not be a bad thing to find out a little more about her neighbor. She would go meet Bubblegum the next day and find out as much dirt as she could about him.


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