A Fresh Start

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Alexandra looked around her new apartment with a forced smile on her face. A fresh start is what she needed but she had her doubts on if she could make it on her own. Willow Creek was the only home she ever new. Now she was in a new city, new school and all on her own. Her friends disowned her and her boyfriend left her after she refused to give up the baby growing inside her.

Her eyes started to become wet from holding back the tears. She didn't know if she could make this home or raise a baby but she was determined to try. Luck was at least on her side she managed to snag a job as a barista at a coffee shop across the street from her apartment and enrolled herself in school all in the first day of moving. She knew it was going to be rough but she would get the hang of it.  One day at a time she kept whispering to herself.  As she headed out the door to go explore her new home.

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